1. Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Manufacturer) provides the Buyer with a guarantee for products that it produces for the following period:

    1. Tank bodies contacting clean water - 60 months,

    2. Other products - 12 months.

  2. The warranty period starts from the date of sale (shipment from the Manufacturer's warehouse).

  3. The warranty, the terms of which are provided in the document, applies only to products manufactured by Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine.

  4. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that prevent products from being used as intended by the Manufacturer. The warranty covers only product defects, i.e hidden manufacturing defects or hidden defects in material.

  5. The Manufacturer provides a warranty consisting of repair at the place of installation or provision of a product without any defects, when the costs of dismantling and reassembly are borne by the Buyer.

  6. The cost of transportation to and from the place of repair is covered by the Manufacturer during the entire warranty period.

  7. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, annexes or agreed terms of reference, the products are intended for use under standard conditions. Standard conditions include ambient temperature between -30 ° C and +45 ° C, atmospheric pressure from 56 to 106 kPa, humidity <85%.

  8. The general terms of use of warranty rights are:

    1. Proper storage of products,

    2. Correct installation (assembly or installation) of products carried out by qualified personnel with appropriate permissions,

    3. Proper (correct) use of products in accordance with the instructions for use.

  9. Warranty claims will not be considered if:

    1. Unsuitable vehicle was used to transport the products,

    2. The product has got signs of normal wear and tear,

    3. The product has got signs of deliberate or reckless damage,

    4. The product has got signs of force use of any kind,

    5. The product has mechanical damage or damage caused by frost, landslides or use for fitting connection, does not comply with the standard,

    6. The product has defects resulting from fire, flooding, lightning, overvoltage, power outages, and other types of force majeure.

    7. The product has defects as a result of corrosion or exposure to aggressive substances with a different chemical composition or concentration of chemical compounds than specified in the operating instructions or agreed technical specifications.

    8. Wrong cables and wires, faulty fittings or unusable or faulty service tools were used for connection.

    9. The product is defective due to connection to network with incorrect voltage.

    10. The product continues to be used despite a defect.

    11. The product has signs of unauthorized modifications or installation of additional non-original and external components that are not provided by the Manufacturer.

  10. If the terms of delivery provide transportation of a product at the expense of the Manufacturer, transport damage will be checked and, if necessary, determined by the Manufacturer if this has been notified to the Manufacturer in written form no later than the next business day after delivery.

  11. The sequence of the Buyer's actions upon detection of defects is as follows:

    1. A valid claim must be made to the Manufacturer's representative where the product was purchased or directly to the Manufacturer.

    2. The Buyer submits a warranty claim in written form within 7 days from a defect discovery.

    3. The claim must be submitted on the form posted on Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine website (customer warranty claim). The form must contain a detailed description of a defect, proof of purchase must be added to it.

    4. If during the processing of a claim it would be necessary to obtain additional information related to a defect or the way of using the products, the Buyer is obliged to provide all the necessary data and information.

  12. If a defect is covered by the warranty, the Manufacturer reserves the right to replace or repair the product or decide whether the defective product should be replaced with a working one. In addition, the Manufacturer clearly reserves the right to require the Buyer to return the relevant product.

  13. Repair or replacement time is determined by production capabilities.

  14. Repairs made under warranty must be carried out only by specialists authorized by the Manufacturer. Replaced parts become the property of the Manufacturer.

  15. In case of an unlawful demand (claim), all costs incurred due to actions that were the subject of the demand (claim) are borne by the Buyer. In particular, if the claim is not a warranty case, but the Manufacturer took actions to eliminate the defects at a request of the Seller, the Buyer is obliged to cover the costs of transportaion, visits and working hours of the Manufacturer's technical workers at the individual rates of Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine, costs of materials, rent of the necessary equipment, also travel expenses in accordance with the applicable rates, where appropriate, and if a multi-day stay of service specialists is necessary, the corresponding accommodation costs. The Buyer agrees to pay the indicated amounts based on the corresponding tax invoice and the Manufacturer's product repair report or product service report.

  16. Except cases covered by this warranty:

    1. The Manufacturer does not give any guarantees and disclaims all guarantees provided on its behalf.

    2. The Manufacturer is not responsible for any consequential or incidental damages under any circumstances.