Industrial tanks and reservoirs

The company "Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine" is one of the leaders of Ukrainian market in production of containers and tanks for industry.

Since 2002 we have been designing and manufacturing polypropylene containers of any complexity, for any substances and temperature conditions.

Since 2020 our company had simultaneously introduced a unique offer in the field of industrial tanks to Ukrainian market - collapsible composite tanks, which are produced on the basis of fiberglass tanks with a diameter of 1.2 m, 1.6 m, 2.4 m, 3.0m, 3.3m.

Fiberglass is a composite material based on a polymer binder and a mineral fiber filler, which has high strength and durability. Containers made of fiberglass can be chemically resistant and heat-resistant, depending on the needs of customer.

Industrial tanks and reservoirs must meet increased technical requirements and provide guaranteed operational safety, and manufacturers, in turn, must adhere to stricter standards to meet these requirements.

Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine offers the following options for collapsible fiberglass containers for industry:

Container diameter Container height Tank length (horizontal placement) Wall thickness Coating Liner
1200 mm 1000-4000 mm No limits 4-10 мм Chemically resistant resin and fiberglass PVDFPVC-CPVC-UPPFEPPFA
1600 mm 1000-5000 mm 4-15 mm
2400 mm 1000-6000 mm 5-20 mm
3000 mm 1000-7000 mm 7-25 mm
3300 mm 1000-8000 mm 10-40 mm
Container diameter Container height Tank length (horizontal placement)
1200 mm 1000-4000 mm No limits
1600 mm 1000-5000 mm
2400 mm 1000-6000 mm
3000 mm 1000-7000 mm
3300 mm 1000-8000 mm
Wall thickness Coating Liner
4-10 мм Chemically resistant resin and fiberglass PVDFPVC-CPVC-UPPFEPPFA
4-15 mm
5-20 mm
7-25 mm
10-40 mm

Fiberglass containers produced by Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine are characterized by the following physical properties:

  • Low specific weight
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • High specific strength
  • Temperature resistance
  • Collapsible construction
  • Modern design and wide color range

The company "Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine" produces:

Horizontal fiberglass tanks: Horizontal cylindrical fiberglass tanks for underground and surface use for storage of industrial water and other liquids.

Fuel storage tanks for diesel fuel: underground fuel tanks and reservoirs for storage of liquid diesel fuel with a service shaft, additional equipment.

Pressure tanks and reservoirs: pressure tanks or pressure reservoirs are containers and vessels that work under pressure. Such tanks are made by machine winding, designed for pressure.

Vertical fiberglass containers: VFT (vertical fiberglass tank) are made of fiberglass. Vertical fiberglass containers can be made with a diameter of up to 3.3 m.

Chemically resistant fiberglass tanks: chemical and chemically resistant tanks, vertical and horizontal reservoirs are made for storage of acids, alkalis, chemically aggressive environment. Сhemically resistant fiberglass containers are made of special custom chemically resistant resins based on the customer's technical requirements.

Fiberglass food containers: Horizontal and vertical fiberglass food containers are used to store food substances, supplies of drinking water. Fiberglass food containers are produced according to customer's technical requirement using food resins.

Drinking water tanks and containers: Vertical and horizontal fiberglass tanks for underground and surface application are used for reserve storage of cold drinking water.

Fiberglass fire-fighting tanks: fiberglass fire-fighting tanks are used to store a stock of industrial water for extinguishing fires and ignitions. A fiberglass fire-fighting tank does not require backfilling with a sand-cement mixture during installation.

Tanks for transporting liquids: special containers for installation on the chassis of cars and special machinery for transportation of chemicals, drinking and industrial water, food products by agreement. Made of composite materials according to the customer's specifications.

Our specialists can solve any task related to production of containers for industry and householding.