The company "Ekoplast Shtantsl Ukraine" is an expert in production of industrial anticorrosive ventilation systems, including industrial protection systems from harmful emissions.

The production program of ventilation systems includes:

  • turnkey industrial ventilation systems
  • industrial ventilators
  • industrial air ducts
  • absorbers, filters, scrubbers
  • ventilation control systems

Industrial ventilation exposes to corrosion under the influence of corrosive environments, high temperatures, vibration and other destructive factors that accompany production processes. Steel industrial ventilation corrodes rapidly under severe operating conditions and requires constant repairs and replacements, and ventilation equipment made of stainless steel is expensive, but the quality of stainless steel or its real resistance to corrosion manifests itself only over time.

Plastic industrial ventilation is guaranteed to prevent corrosion. The elements of the ventilation system are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and do not require the creation of strong load-bearing structures. The smooth inner surface of the air ducts provides maximum flow, and the repair and replacement of plastic ventilation elements is a convenient and unassuming procedure.

Therefore, the company Ekoplast Shtancl Ukraine produces industrial ventilation equipment made of thermoplastics and replaces worn-out metal systems or installs new ones. The company's experience in production and installation of ventilation systems in various industrial fields is measured in more than ten years and hundreds of completed projects, among which several dozens are turnkey workshop systems.

The company's specialists conduct researches and take measurements, design balanced, supply and exhaust ventilation systems, using special professional equipment and software that calculates performance and simulates mass movements, flows and other parameters.

Qualified engineers and installers have experience in installing ventilation systems in real production conditions, taking into account all factors (active production, height, lack of space, etc.).

Aggressive substances removed from production processes should not enter the atmosphere and pollute the environment. Cleaning and prevention of harmful emissions is carried out through filtration, adsorption (absorption by liquids), the use of centrifugal forces action in the air flow, etc.

The company has developed, produces and constantly improves its own models of industrial filters, absorbers, scrubbers, cyclones and other devices, manufactured individually for parameters of the system, depending on the type of pollution.