Major repair of exhaust ventilation of the chlorination plant СХ-1 at the chlorination section of work shop №2
Metalo Galva Ukraine.
Manufacturing, installation of pickling baths for hot-dip galvanizing, volume of 75 m3
Fully completing aspiration system of the electroplating workshop, centrifugal fan of 90 000 cubic meter per hour.
Maïsadour Semences Ukraine
Wastewater treatment plant.
Krono Ukraine
Chemical storage tanks.
Different fittings manufacturing company”
Valves and fittings production - Turnkey project of the electroplating shop (Ni/Cr).
VINNITSKY BROILER the poultry plant
Full range of tanks for the water treatment system.
The fatty acids storage tank.
MEGATEX company – the car battery production AMEGA TM
Ventilation system, chemical storage tanks, chemical pipelines.
MIGREMONT aircraft repair factory
Electroplating workshop.
METALINVEST company – the hot dip galvanizing plant
Chemical Storage Tanks, Plating Tanks, Atypical Heat Exchangers.
DNIPROMETIZ hardware plant
The turnkey project of continuous wire galvanizing shop.
Water Tanks.
Template etching baths.
Melitopol friction type bearing plant
Electroplating shop turnkey project as subcontractor.
Viktor & Co food processing plant – Korolivsky Smak TM (King Taste)
Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Lysoform Medical
Mixing Tanks.
Storage Tanks.
Activ Solar GmbH, headquartered in Vienna a developer of solar energy
The water treatment system tanks and pipelines for Semiconductor plant.
Equator - ship ventilation and conditioning system plant
Plating equipment.
Pershotravensky Mechanical Plant
Modernization of electroplating facilities.
Novokramatorsky Mechanical Plant’s
The water pretreatment site for cooling system of the steel-making furnances.
Beskyd tunnel construction
Wastewater treatment plant.
The capital construction management of Krivyi Rih
Wastewater treatment plant.
Techenergochim Company
Water treatment system project developer Water storage tanks, mixing tanks.
UKRNAFTA – production of oil
Chemical tanks.
Residential area Yambourg
Wastewater treatment plant.
Kherson butter factory
Cheese making tanks.
East Balt Bakeries
Wastewater treatment plant.
Oncological clinic INNOVACIA
Wastewater treatment plant.
Dniprodzerzhinsk thermal power plant
Drain water treatment.
Parchomenko Boiler construction plant
Wastewater treatment plant.
300 m3 potable water storage tanks.