Ekoplast Stancl Ukraine holds a well-earned and proven by 15 years and hundreds of successful projects reputation in the field of design, manufacturing and installation of reservoirs, tanks, pipelines and storage systems using thermoplastic, fiberglass and multicomponent polymeric materials. The actual polymers’ technology development allows designing and manufacturing tanks suitable for storage of almost all aggressive media; the same goes for the pipelines which can be designed with maximum suitability to the transported medium’s parameters.

The company’s experienced engineers use the most up-to-date software for systems’ design, and its assemblers perform manufacturing with quality confirmed by international certification commission. The precise material choice and thoroughly calculated and modeled tanks’ and pipelines’ design makes for the main conditions for creation of durable unit for liquids and bulk storage.

Our storage systems work on a vast variety of media, including potable water and aggressive media used in water treatment, industrial and agricultural chemistry, waste treatment, pharmaceutical and paper industry, food and beverages’ industry etc.

For tanks and reservoirs the company’s expertise is in the following products and services:

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of tanks and reservoirs;
  • Repair, maintenance and cleaning of tanks and reservoirs;
  • Manufacturing of mixing tanks;
  • Corrosion protection and wear protection lining;
  • Installation of measuring and control equipment;
  • Pumps, valves and other periphery equipment installation;
  • Pipelines;
  • Non-destructive inspection of tanks and reservoirs;

For pipelines, the company’s expertise is the turnkey solutions and creation of pipelines for cooling water, industrial and aggressive media transportation, waste water transportation, air and exhaust fumes, etc.

The company uses the professional range of pipes, fittings and valves for aggressive media produced by our pivotal partner – AGRU GmbH. Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVDF and PTFE are the main pipes’ materials, selected depending on each particular task.

These materials and piping systems’ components allow constructing pipelines of any required capacity and size, which makes them usable on an industrial scale. In case of the most aggressive media transportation, acids for example, polymeric piping systems provide required durability and considerable service lifetime.

The junction of pipes and fittings for industrial applications is carried out by traditional polymers’ welding methods: butt welding, infrared welding, socket welding or electrofusion welding.

You get more than a storage unit by contracting us for manufacturing and installation of your reservoirs or pipelines. You use the experience obtained on hundreds of projects performed on leading industrial enterprises in cooperation with renowned suppliers and design companies.

Ekoplast Stancl Ukraine uses a variety of technologies for repair and service time prolongation of tanks and pipelines. The actual multicomponent linings allow significant service time prolongation for existing tanks and pipelines even operating under extremely aggressive media and demanding service circumstances. Lining with fiberglass reinforced polymers is a method allowing to recover tanks’ and pipelines’ structural integrity in situ without significant time losses.

Practical experience in creation and recovery of industrial storage and transportation systems for water, liquids, slurry, gases, steam and so on, shows the necessity of having fast, inexpensive and proven repair technology (including emergency repair) for tanks and pipelines. Such technology, first of all allowing not to stop the facility’s operation, is the Composite Repair.

This method of operational and structural recovery of damaged pipelines’ sections is applicable to most similar cases. Inner and outer corrosion, pipe walls’ deformations and destruction, pipes’ and flanges’ leaks, clamp leaks, mechanical damage are properly solved with Composite Repair. The composite reinforced section also has improved corrosion protection and mechanical durability.

Composite materials’ advantages are:

  • Possibility of application to surface of any geometry;
  • Possibility of application to the pipeline without depressurizing;
  • Heat resistance up to +250 Cels.;
  • Fast application and cure;
  • Absence of hot works;
  • High chemical resistance;
  • Absence of limitations by operational pressure (maximum pressure corresponds to the section’s thickness).