The engineering company "Ecoplast Stantsl Ukraine" is one of undisputed leaders in production of fiberglass and composite products in Ukraine.

We use the most advanced materials and technologies in the field of fiberglass and composites in our production. We can safely position ourselves as one of leaders of Ukraine in production of any fiberglass products.

We always try to be open to innovations in the field of advanced technologies and materials, providing customers with the opportunity to benefit from the use of materials that make technical systems more efficient and cost-effective.

Fiberglass and composite material products by "Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine" have the following features:

  • Low specific gravity
  • High corrosion resistance (over 50 years)
  • Chemical resistance
  • High specific strength
  • Temperature resistance
  • Modern design and wide color range
  • Absolutely any size and shape

The main trends in the development of technical systems, containers, all kinds of structures and shells of equipment show the desire to minimize their weight while maintaining the durability, reliability and strength of parts, assemblies and systems.

Fiberglass and composite products manufactured by Ekoplast Stantsl Ukraine provide engineers with the opportunity to achieve this goal when designing the newest equipment, goods and devices that become lighter, more convenient, cost-effective and, what's important, aesthetic.

We produce containers, vehicle parts, equipment cases, sports equipment and inventory, fitness equipment and many other fiberglass and composite products.

The full cycle from development, design and production of tooling allows taking into account all customer requirements for the final product. And in this area, the main principle is rigidity in matters of reliability and quality of materials, which determine the quality of the final product. The company conducts a continuous cycle of training for specialists and certification for compliance with modern safety and quality standards in manufacturing of products for the most critical applications.

Our specialists can solve any problem related to the production of fiberglass and composite materials.

Contacts for orders and consultations on fiberglass

Tel.: (098)156-88-35; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.