At Ekoplast Stancl Ukraine we apply fiberglass mold production technologies for various project scales and fields of industries, such as transportation, foods, etc.

We produce high-quality molds with reinforcing features to ensure robust performance over an extended lifetime of our products. Molds are created using the most appropriate type of material (mainly fiberglass) to meet the needs of our customers.

Our fiberglass molds are produced with the use of modern technologies allowing us high precision, flexibility, and time effectiveness during the whole execution process. Our engineering staff transform simple sketches or 2D drawings into high- resolution 3D models of required detail to ensure an accurate prototype and further serial production. Reverse engineering of an exact part is also possible.

3D cutting machine turns 3D model into master model with high precision. The surface of the master model is subjected to careful manual processing by experienced modelers who ensure the ideal surface condition. This ensures the quality of the mold surface to be replicated in the future parts production.

We can produce models and molds from fiberglass according to your drawings and sketches, which you, at your discretion, will use further to create your products or will continue ordering molds from us.

Therefore as you see we have the entire professional chain:

  • Designers 2D & 3D.
  • Software developers.
  • 3D cutting machine operators.
  • Experienced modelers and molders.

For collaborating with partners operating in the production of fiberglass parts we offer a quality and honest outsourcing in customized models and molds fabrication.

We ensure customer support during the whole lifecycle of the project incl. full technical support, repairs and alterations, operation, and maintenance support.

We are happy to support your projects with our capabilities. For further details or to request a quotation, please contact us.